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Hello and Welcome to 8 Days to Authenticity!

This program was offered for the first time on 20th January 2019 to coincide with the Total Lunar Eclipse that would occur that night. It was visible all over the Americas — South, North, and everywhere in-between! It set the perfect stage to begin a process of (re)connection with who you really are.

Lunar eclipses are all about releasing what does not serve and renewing connections that serve you better. But there does not need to be an eclipse. Today you are beginning that process of reconnection to follow the releases you will make as your metaphoric eclipse carries out. Even if there is not an eclipse happening today, you can capture the spirit and energy of the eclipse through intention!

Indeed, you do not need to embark on these 8 Days only at eclipse time! Go through them anytime to invoke the spirit and energy of the eclipse, and use it again and again anytime you feel the need to (re)connect in the future or to take your connection deeper. Using the process every few months is a powerful way to take you deeper and deeper into your (re)connection with who you really are!

Enjoy! And let us know your questions and experiences! Free free to connect on social media or at our website:

You will find lots of free resources to support you on your journey, and paid options for coaching, products, e-courses, and other thing as well if you are ready for even more powerful support!

With blessings and great gratitude,
Dr Mark Arcuri
Santa Fe, NM
21st April 2024

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